Friday, January 24, 2020

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 Office Holder; Mr.Ibrahim Jillo (CP)

Position Title: Head of Training and Reforms ­CO(TR)

Reports To DIG – APS

Supervises: Officers within the Directorate, Training Institutions and Field commands on Training

and Reforms matters/ issues.

Branches: 2(Training and Reform.)

Duties/ Responsibilities & staff assigned to Directorate:

The A­7 generally plans and coordinates training and reform programme in liaison with the units and field command and with service training institutions. A­7 staff has two main areas of focus namely Training and Reforms. Specific tasks under the A­7 include;

A. Training

Office Holder: Felista Njeru (ASP)

Position Title: Staff officer ­ Training

Reports To: Head of Training and Reforms CO(TR)

Supervises: Training Staff

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identifying training needs with the service and preparing appropriate programmes with the service colleges.
  •  Identifying and planning external training opportunities in local external institutions to supplement service internal training.
  • Coordinating externally offered training programmes in and outside the country
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the service compliance and implementation of the Training policy of the National police service and the Government.

B. Reforms Office Holder: Position Title: Reports To: Supervises:

Masisi Kiilu (ASP)
Staff Officer — Reforms
Head of Training sand Reforms CO(TR) Service Reforms Staff

Office Holder: Position Title: Reports To: Coordinates:

Mr, Caleb M. Ang'ong'a, HSC (AIG)
Chief of Staff
Principal Deputy to DIG
Officers within the Special Support Offices and the Directorates in liason with PD/DIG
HQ Adjutant, DIG Personal Staff and Service Arms Mgt. Office

Duties/Responsibilities & Staff assigned to Chief of Staff:
a) The Directorate shall be under the supervision of uniformed personnel reporting to directly to the DIG on its routine matters and supervises officers assigned duties.
b) General administration and control, and good order and discipline of officers assigned to the HQ compliment.
c) Advice on matters related to personnel welfare and morale.
d) Headquarter protocol matters including for all visitors of all categories.
e) Correspondence and registry matters generally with respective directorates to ensure action as necessary.
f) Chief Service Arms Management Officer.